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History & Modern Knowledge

Officially Released
July 4th, 2022




History & Modern Knowledge

"If you’re claiming to be a bible, you better be able to back it up and the 'Knife Bible' does that and then some. The 'Knife Bible' traces the design and usage of knives through the ages, provides a contemporary tour of current knifemakers and manufacturers, and serves as an educational resource."

- Tim Stetzer, Knives Illustrated



After I made a knife from a kit and gave it to my Dad for Christmas I was surprised to see how many of his friends wanted to order one. I wasn't expecting so many people to like it and want one. Then when I started making my own knives to take to knife shows, people really responded to them.

L.T. Wright, L.T. Wright Knives

What many don’t know is that we started as a training company first in the early 90s and kind of backed into the knife industry.  Training remains a key focus for us and Randall’s Adventure & Training remains our proving ground for all our products.

Shane Adams, ESEE Knives

I remember my father would invite me and my sister to watch him slaughter our sheep and turkeys each year. One year he pulled us in close and with a knife opened up the stomach of the newly slaughtered sheep to show us the digestive process. Seeing the grain from partially to fully digested was awe inspiring.

Chelsea Miller, Chelsea Miller Knives

In The Press



A. J. is a Geographic Information Scientist, with close to 20 years of experience in his field. He holds a
Master of Science in Geographic Information Systems from Johns Hopkins University and a Master of Science in Information & Communication Technology, with a Graduate Certificate in Advance Studies of Geographic Information Sciences from University of Denver. In addition, A. J. has a Bachelor of Arts in Geography from Florida International University.

  A. J. served in the United States Army for 8 years, as a Senior Geospatial Engineer Sergeant. He deployed to
Afghanistan with 4th Stryker Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division in Fall 2012 and returned at the end of Spring 2013. While in Afghanistan he served as the Team Lead for the Geospatial Engineer Team, supporting the
International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), during Operation Enduring Freedom. His unwavering
commitment to the mission earned him an Army Commendation Medal. Upon his return he attended Special Forces Assessment & Selection (SFAS) and Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) Assessment & Selection. His unit recognized the hard work and dedication he gave during the courses and awarded him another Army Commendation Medal. Although A. J. made great strides in his pursuit to become an elite soldier while on Active Duty, he decided to not reenlist due to personal reasons. He then moved onto the United States Army Reserves, where he served in the 478th Civil Affairs Battalion in Miami, FL. While he served in Civil Affairs as a Senior Geospatial Engineer Sergeant, he decided to volunteer for an Active-Duty Tour, where he joined Special Operations, under United States Army South, Civil Military Operations, in Fort Sam Houston, Texas. There, he served as the Civil Information Manager and Senior Geospatial Engineer Sergeant. When his time in service ended, he accepted a job opportunity in Arlington, Virginia at the Pentagon.

A.J. felt he could apply his expertise in other places, not just Department of Defense, and moved on to work
in the Intelligence Community for nearly a decade, as a Geographic Information Scientist. He worked as a federal contractor for agencies such as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA).


A. J. now spends his time enjoying the great outdoors and dedicates his weekends to teaching his kids about
bushcraft/woodcraft and wilderness survival.



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