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History & Modern Knowledge

Knives are not simply weapons designed to harm or kill people, they are multipurpose tools that have been a part of humanity since the Stone Age.

Knife Bible is a comprehensive book that covers the history of knives, from the Stone Age to modern day. It covers topics such as different knife types, blade styles, blade grinds, blade steels, handle materials, knife anatomy, knife making, knife fighting, culinary arts, bushcraft, wood carving, knife exercises, and more.

The book also covers the most influential people in the knife industry, past & present, as well as knife companies, superstitions, and famous knife quotes.

Knife Bible was written to educate the general audience on modern knowledge, about knives, and to help eliminate the stigma societies have towards this wonderful tool, while showing how we are all connected by this essential instrument. The book also gives the avid outdoorsman a deeper understanding of knives, so that they may make better decisions regarding the tools they take on their adventures.

Book no.2
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